søndag, oktober 11, 2009

Friendly Companion(refleksjon etter Mark 10:46-52

You stood still
commanded him to be called
- wonderful authority!
You stopped when you heard him cry,
stopped and saw him. Standing still.
Not regarding the people you were talking to,
the people pressing on,
wondering why you did not seem to be listening any more,
why you did not answer.
You just saw him.
You just saw me.
And stopped the world. Time frozen.
You stood still - you are standing still holding me with your gaze
until I come alive and rise to meet you.
Discernment - you, the perfect friendly companion!

So you are here standing still by me while I kneel down on my floor.
I can only see your feet and the hem of your garment,
though I am wonderfully aware of your presence:
- What do you want me to do for you, -?

You ask me by name,
you really mean it,
and I say: - Let.........!
but as I have uttered the words I somehow feel bewildered.
Is this what I want, what I should ask?
( It is a very risky business to ask, come to think of it!)

You are very special, Lord,
in that you somehow let me choose, let me pick.
You truly are a wonderful friendly companion!

You told him: - Go your way. What did he do?
He followed you - he chose your way.
Again - you let him choose.

So I reconsider my request - I want to see, too, I want to see
my way, going your way-
following my truly friendly companion on the way
where I will stand still with you - reflecting somebody`s call.
We stop the world. We gaze. We are present.

Lord, make me a truly friendly companion
knowing I do not walk alone
I pray as we go on together - your way and mine.